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Bring your home alive,
welcome nature's elements

Construct a beneficial relationship between you and your natural environment.

Let me show you my homestead as an example.

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Transform the impact of your homestead

on the environment

using simple and efficient solutions.

Sustainable systems

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Sunlight is captured using solar panels and saved by batteries for the house's energy supply.


The rain is slowed down by ditches that are at the same water level, grey water flows into these ditches and drip irrigation is provided by stored rainwater.

Rainwater supplies the house of water for cooking and showering and the irrigation systems is run by it too.


Ecosystem restauration


Recycled isolation

The floor and walls are isolated with eco-bricks and surfboard scraps, both donated by friends and neighbours.


Low impact building materials

By-product lumber serves as an interior siding, slate stone is used instead of ceramics, and recycled oak beams are used for support.

La Fundacion Reforestamos donated over a hundred trees native to this particular area to boost forest regrowth.


Get to know me

My name is Sarah Wind.


It is my passion to investigate, master and give advice on how to reduce the negative impact of people's activities on their environment. 

I have a MSc in Environmental Economics and started a PhD in Circular Agriculture. Currently, I'm enrolled in different courses comprising the various sustainable systems and have successfully implemented them in my home.

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