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My name is Sarah Wind. I grew up in the Netherlands and have always been fascinated by the coast and its surroundings of vibrant life. Acknowledging the contamination of the coastline at a later age was the foundation for my environmental activism. I volunteered in beach cleanups and studied how to valorize in an economic sense to deny permission for construction near the shoreline.


In a travel to discover the beaches of Chile, I met many like-minded people and got very fond of the landscape as well as the attitude of communities towards their natural surroundings. I even started my Masters in Environmental Economics on the condition that I would get to do my thesis in Chile! As the communities of the Chilean coastline are inevitably connected with farming, I started extending my interests to a paradise-like way of living; in abundance of food, nature and love. To learn more, I did my internship and Master thesis investigation with Huertas A Deo (now separated in YoRegenero and ViveroRegeneracion) about agroecology. While interviewing and constructing a vast network of agroecological farmers, my dream came true when I was offered a small piece of land near the coast. Flowing with life, I bought the land and started creating my own self-sustainable homestead.

Right after finishing my studies, the global pandemic started and I got to work as a Dutch PhD student in Circular Agriculture while living in Chile. I was able to work remote and at the same time continue to work on my dreams in Chile. However, with the end of the pandemic, I had to choose between finishing my PhD or diving deep into the sustainable systems and inspire others to take a similar road. You might have guessed already that I choose the latter option and without any regrets gave up my career in academics.


Last year, I finished my homestead and started documenting the whole process to provide essential and missing information on the integration of natural processes to reduce one's negative impact on the environment inherently related to construction and the development of land. 

Currently, I am launching my consultancy in sustainable homestead. Although I'm freely sharing the sustainable systems of my own, this process is highly variable on the preferences of the owner and the environmental characteristics of the one's land. As I already went through the iterative process of design and implementation, trial and error, and investigation and consultation, I am in the perfect position to guide others. 

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